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Do you need secure and dependable trucking solutions for your goods or cargo? Do you expect a quality trucking job to be done?

Here at Baltic Transport Company we live to make our customers happy by taking great pride and care in what we do. We provide trucking services for perishables, temperature-sensitive goods and industrial cargo. We work in partnership with large industrial enterprises in Western Europe in international exporting, and meet the logistical needs of food supply chains by means of internal trucking within Germany, France, Belgium and Holland. We keep our standards high, always improving our business processes and modernizing our fleet. Furthermore, we strictly comply with the ecological standards and business ethics policies stipulated in EU regulations.

Our logistics specialists have over 10 years of experience. New members of the crew must share our values and go through intensive professional training that abide by strict company standards. The IT infrastructure we use is continually being updated in order to reduce human error and optimize the quality of service.

Our company culture is centered around employee and client happiness. We treat our employees and clients with great care, because of the belief in our motto: "A happy employee makes for a happy customer".

We strive for excellence, making it a pleasure to work with us. The deep understanding we have of our clients' needs, our concise and professional business policies, together with our unparalleled high-quality services, make us stand out above the rest in the trucking business.

CEO, Helena M.


Ethics, seriousness and commitment



To provide high-quality transport services to our clients all over Europe.



to generate work, wealth and welfare for our customers, suppliers, shareholders, workers and for the society in general.

Our Services

We specialize in providing versatile trucking services that cater to both large companies and small businesses. Our flexibility allowing just a couple of EUR-pallets of cargo to be sent in one shipment is just the solution small businesses find essential to stay competitive.

The geography of our services spreads all the way from Portugal to Scandinavia, Turkey and Russia. Our main work network is primarily located in Germany, France and Spain, the latter being where we have already begun the preparation process to open representative offices with the purpose of providing first-rate services for our clients.

You can be confident that our convenient and reliable European export and import services will help you address all of your shipping requirements with ease.

We provide a myriad of options suitable to your importing and exporting needs.

Check the list of our services down below.


We'll make sure that even the most fragile electronics are delivered safely.



All kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits.



We ship all kinds of pharmaceuticals using both refrigerated and awning trucks.



With the greatest care we'll deliver these delicate goods using our reefers.

Plants & Flowers


To help small businesses grow we offer you the option to ship small quantities of cargo using our refrigerated trucks.

Partial shipping of temperature-sensitive goods


We deliver chemicals for plants and manufacturers with meticulous precision.



Full or disassembled, all will be delivered with care.



We will help you to not have to have everything in stock. Instead, we’ll make sure it's brought precisely on time.

Just in TIME


We can combine together any cargo you need and deliver it to your desired location.

consumer goods Transportation


We offer industrial equipment shipments using awning semi-trailers.

equipment Transportation

We have yearly updates of our fleet of trucks, none of which has seen more than 5 years of service.

We strictly stick to ecological standards, regulations and statutes of the EU.

We have only professional drivers on board that all have over 10 years of experience and are knowledgeable in multiple languages.

Our fleet is equipped with the latest IT tracking, communication and security solutions.

Our fleet

Refrigerated semitrailers

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Awning semitrailers

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Work with Us

Expedition manager


Management and coordination of company and hired trucks Knowledge of English



CE drivers license type required Knowledge of English or German

Sales manager


Expertise in active sales in the ES market. Knowledge of English or German

Each and every employee is valuable to us.